Sports Premium use 2016-17

Summary of Sports Premium use for the 2016/17 Academic Year
Since September 2013, all primary schools across England have received a share of the Government £150m per annum Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium. The funding is ring-fenced and must be spent on improving the provision and quality of PE and sport in primary schools so that pupils develop healthy, active lifestyles.

  Primary Sports Premium funding
  Total number of pupils on roll 442
  Total amount of Sports Premium funding received £9735
  Total amount of Sports Premium funding spent £9735+
   Background: The Money given to Harriers Banbury Academy through the Sports Premium funding has not only allowed for the maintenance of High Quality Physical Education at Harriers Banbury Academy but has also allowed us to implement a range of clubs and interventions to increase pupils' engagement, confidence, develop skills and overall enjoyment of the subject.
  Summary of Sports Premium funding
  • To develop active, positive playtimes and lunchtimes for our children including training for all adults to support this.
  • To improve the provision of PE at Harriers Banbury Academy through raised teacher confidence and more effective and specialised skills & equipment in certain sporting activities.
  • To encourage children to develop a more active lifestyle through offering after school clubs.
  • To develop a love of sport and physical activity.
  • To encourage children to develop into healthy adults.
  • To encourage children to deal with anxiety and stress and develop techniques for well-being and a healthy lifestyle.
  • To develop a level of competitiveness and resilience in children to help them cope with the rigours of modern society.
 Record of Sports Premium spending
Item/project Cost Objectives Outcomes Impact
Swimming for years 1 - 6 £3900 approx (final costs awaited)
  • To teach children life skills
  • To develop water confidence
A higher level of children reaching the expected swimming distance for their age. Every child from Y1 – 6 will be given the opportunity to develop their swimming skills.
Contribution to the local SSCO £4765
  • To improve participation in intra and inter schools sport
  • To develop training for NQT’s
  • Organisational and running of inter schools competitions.
Inter-school festivals which all year groups have access to both as a non-competitive and competitive nature. Opportunities to share good practise amongst schools. CPD opportunities for all teachers Every child from Y1–6 will be given the opportunity to take part in competitive sports (external, inter school and inter house).
Use of a specialised and qualified coaches to cover PPA £12000
  • To ensure a high level of P.E being taught throughout the school
  • To provide a greater range of after school clubs
Children having access to a wide range of activities and sports taught by highly qualified individuals. Every child from Y1–6 will be given the opportunity to work with specialised sports coaches.
Cycling Proficiency programme TA time
  • To develop bike confidence
  • To teach children a life skill
Children receiving a qualification and confidence to ride their bike on roads. Majority of Y5 and Y6 pupils will complete their cycle proficiency training.
Skip2bfit £620
  • To develop balance, timing and footwork
  • To provide children with individual challenge
Children are skipping on a weekly basis and are encouraged to beat their personal bests. All children from EYU-Y6 are given the opportunity to skip.
Many children have their own ropes to use at playtimes.
Local/wider competitions Time
  • To provide children with challenge in sports.
  • To improve participation within sports.
Children regularly thrive in local/wider competitions e.g. hockey, football and cross-country with cost-effective expenditure. A vast variety of pupils participate.
Outside resource (Anomaly screen) £3505
  • To raise pupil levels of activity at break/lunchtimes
  • To contribute to our zoned lunchtimes.
Children are more active and positively engaged. All children benefit.

Sports Premium allocation for the 2017/18 Academic Year
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