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  • Science Club

    Science Club
    2nd December 2019

    In Science Club, we got very sticky making Christmassy slime. We talked about chemical reactions and also found out that not every science experiment has a successful end. We had lots of fun anyway! Read more

  • Three in Cross Country Final

    Three in Cross Country Final
    29th November 2019

    Three Harriers Banbury Academy boys made it to the cross country final at Sidford school after coming in the top 20 in the first competition. They did absolutely brilliantly! Read more

  • Roman History Detectives

    Roman History Detectives
    25th November 2019

    Year 4 pupils enjoyed taking part in a fantastic workshop on the Romans. They dressed up as Roman soldiers, ancient Britons and Roman children and they were history detectives. Thank you so much to Vicki and Liz from Banbury Museum. Read more

  • VR History Detectives

    VR History Detectives
    18th November 2019

    Red Kites class enjoyed being history detectives at Futures Institute Banbury. They used the VR headsets to explore the ancient city of Pompeii as it was 2000 years ago and how it is now. Read more

  • ‘Till the Boys Come Home

    ‘Till the Boys Come Home
    15th November 2019

    Year 6 experienced a fabulous drama workshop provided by the company Voices Across Time, who then invited the children to watch their production ‘Till the Boys Come Home, performed at Banbury Town Hall. Read more