Useful Documents

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Academy Admissions Entry September 2016 5th May 201552 KB Policies Download
Academy Admissions Entry September 2017 6th July 2016119 KB Policies Download
Academy Admissions Entry September 2018 13th December 2016139 KB Policies Download
Accessibility Plan 2015-17 6th December 2016143 KB Policies Download
Attendance Expectations and Goals 23rd September 201444 KB Useful Documents Download
Attendance Leaflet 9th September 201457 KB Useful Documents Download
Attendance Policy 22nd November 2016215 KB Policies Download
Charging and Remissions Policy AAT 30th April 2015168 KB Policies Download
Complaints Policy - AAT 21st April 2015190 KB Policies Download
Discipline/Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policy 6th December 2016118 KB Policies Download
Drugs Education Policy 22nd November 2016943 KB Policies Download
Exclusion Policy 15th December 2016468 KB Policies Download
Free School Meals Letter and Application Form 17th January 2017610 KB Useful Documents Download
Freedom of Information Act 22nd November 2016155 KB Policies Download
Going Home Procedures 6th December 201656 KB Policies Download
Intimate Care Policy 4th November 2015156 KB Policies Download
Parent Forum Minutes 29-1-2015 3rd February 201512 KB Useful Documents Download
Parent Forum: Assessment and Parent Pay 29-1-2015 3rd February 2015314 KB Useful Documents Download
Privacy Notice 22nd November 201694 KB Policies Download
Public Sector Equality Duty 27th September 201634 KB Policies Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 22nd November 2016655 KB Policies Download
Safeguarding team at Harriers 1st November 201671 KB Useful Documents Download
SEND Policy DISTRICT 14th November 2016340 KB Policies Download
SEND Report 7th December 2016378 KB Policies Download
Sex and Relationships Education Policy 13th December 2016325 KB Policies Download
Smoke Free Letter 28th February 201324 KB Letters to Parents Download
Taster Sessions Term 4-5 Letter to Harriers Parents 27th March 2017352 KB Letters to Parents Download
Teaching and Learning Policy 13th December 2016332 KB Policies Download
Term Dates 2016-17 28th March 2017121 KB Useful Documents Download
Term Dates 2017-18 28th March 2017118 KB Useful Documents Download
Unacceptable behaviour policy and guidance 2nd May 2017531 KB Policies Download
Uniform Policy 28th March 2017221 KB Policies Download