What we are learning

Week beginning 8 July 2019

Our stories of the week are What Colour is Love by Linda Strachan and The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Butterflies displays and Pupils colouring

We had an exciting week as our chrysalis changed into butterflies which was amazing. We took them into the garden on Friday and let them free. They loved the purple buddleia plant in Nursery garden. We learned about the lifecycle of the caterpillar over 3 weeks and took lots of photos.

Last week Harriers had its 70th birthday and we celebrated with the whole school, singing songs to our guests and families. Afterwards was the school fete. It was amazing!

Sports Day -webReady for Sports Day.

We had a picnic and joined EYU in their garden on Wednesday. All of our families were invited. Sports day was Thursday on the school field. It was a fun afternoon and we were cheered on by our families who came to watch. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend. Only one more week until we break up!

Week beginning 17 June 2019

What an exciting week! We have made a willow structure in our garden for art day. We had to weave ribbons, material and bells around the willow, with the help of our adults. This helped us to work together as a team. It looks really pretty and we cannot wait to play with it together.

Playing in the willow arch

We had shaving foam out and wrote letter and numbers in the foam with our fingers. It was great fun.

We went to our celebration assembly in the school with the whole school to hear about the class art projects. They are all going to be displayed in the hall.

We talked about healthy eating and which foods are healthy. We made our own fruit salad and counted all the fruits to help us with our maths. We talked about health foods we would choose to put in our lunchboxes.

Have a lovely weekend.

Week beginning 10 June 2019

On Monday it was ocean day at school. We looked at fish and creatures that live in the sea. We were very creative, making jellyfish out of cardboard and we painted them and threaded pretty ribbon to make the tentacles. It was tricky but we were amazing. They are hanging in our classroom.

Jelly Fish

It is nearly Father's Day. We have been making superhero cards for our dads. We had to paint our feet to make the cards and it was funny and tickly and made us laugh!

We went to singing assembly to practise our song for the Harriers' 70th birthday celebrations in July. We sit in the hall with the whole school for assembly, and Mrs Grant and Mrs Bell are very proud of us.

A fine lady

On Friday it was whole school art day. It is always fun to join in with and be part of the whole school.

Week beginning 3 June 2019

Welcome back everyone after our holiday. Our topic this term is superheroes and we've turned our roleplay area into heroes and villains: Superhero City! We have talked about who our heroes are, mummy, daddy, policemen, doctors, nurses, teachers, and others. We made superhero towers with cubes to help us with our counting. We matched the correct amount of cubes to numbers 1-10. It was tricky but we recognised our numbers as well.

Our story of the week is Superworm who is the wriggliest, squiggliest superhero in the world. It is a lovely rhyming story.

Veggie Garden


Out in our Nursery garden we have been so busy growing and planting beans, peas, tomatoes, leeks and flowers. We grew them from seed and kept them in the greenhouse until they got bigger, then we planted them all in the garden. We have to remember to water and talk to our flowers to help them grow!

Week beginning 20 May 2019

Our sunflowers are amazing! We have been watering and talking to them and putting them out in the sun. They are getting taller every day. We are going to take them home. We have also planted some tomato and strawberry plants in our recycled hangers. We have to remember to water and care for them them day. We have been learning about healthy fruits and vegetables.

We have made bird feeders for the birds out of lard and seeds. We have very cheeky squirrels who sometimes steal the birdfood from the bird table!

Some of us independently made musical instruments from the junk modelling. They were trumpets and shakers. We were so proud.

Car wash

In the garden we had fun making our own carwash. We had bubbles, sponges and buckets and the cars were clean and shiny. We worked together as a team! 

We hope you have a lovely holiday with your family over the half-term break.

Week beginning 13 May 2019

Our story of the week is The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World - Peppa Pig.

The weather has been beautiful this week so we have done lots of learning outside. Our new sand came, so we poured, measured and used our imaginations to build in the sand. It was great fun and we chatted to our friends while we played. We had bubbles in the water tray and boats to float. We are learning to put our aprons on ourselves when we do messy play; sometimes this is tricky and we have to ask for help. 

Peppa Pig muddy puddles and walk

Our Muddy Puddle walk on Wednesday was amazing. We did our walk in Nursery garden and loved splashing in the puddles! We had to find Peppa Pig's family hiding in the garden then had an adventure in Forest School, running, hiding and exploring the forest. We raised £156.55 for the charity "Save the Children"! Thank you to all of our mums and dads for the delicious cakes, which we sold to raise the money.

Our vegetable patch is now filling up with lettuces and tomatoes. We are watching them grow, along with our sunflowers.

Sunflowers, strawberries and vegetables

Week beginning 7 May 2019

Welcome back everyone after our long May bank holiday weekend.

We had a lovely start to our week. The Park Rangers came from the Council and taught us about sunflowers and helped us plant a sunflower each in little pots. We learned about compost and we told Ian the Park Ranger that we make our own school compost by recycling all our fruit and vegetables after snack each day, putting the waste on our composter on the school playground (by Forest School). We gave our sunflowers names and have to remember to water and talk to them. They really like being in the sun.

Sunflowers display

We have made a sunflower collage for our display. We used real sunflower seeds which was quite exciting. We love putting our pictures on the wall to show our mums, dad and carers. We have also been to the whole school singing assembly. We join in by doing actions if we don't know all of the words.

Please remember next week's Muddy Puddle walk is on Wednesday so we need non-school uniform, coats and boots as we may be very messy! If you would like to bake or donate cakes or biscuits, that would be great. Thank you.

Week beginning 29 April 2019

The weather has been beautiful so we have enjoyed playing and learning outside. We have made a magic garden from compost, small pieces of wood, shells and small world characters to help us use our imagination.

Shell garden

We have also built our own creations with construction materials in the garden. This has helped us to play together as a team with our friends and to build and design our own towers. We had fun practising throwing and catching balls with our adults, Mrs Bell and Mrs Grant. Some of us laughed and squealed with delight when we managed to catch the ball!

We are very good at counting and our adults are helping us to count objects (1.1 correspondence) which is sometimes tricky. We are amazing.

We have been learning the 's' and 'a' sounds. Please encourage your children to look for these sounds in the environment. We are also learning sign language; this week it is 'please' and 'thank you'.

Wishing you all a lovely Bank Holiday.

Week beginning 23 April 2019

Our story of the week is "Supertato" by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

Welcome back after the Easter break. Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Welcome to our new children who are all settling in very well. We have enjoyed playing in the garden and having a picnic snack already this term. Outside we have been balancing on our wooden beams, balancing on logs and throwing and catching balls. We are getting really clever on our new scooters and bikes.

Playing outside

We have all made our potato head pictures which helped us learn to print with paint and real potatoes, and then we had to practise our cutting with scissors (to make clothes for our Mr Potato).

Supertato collages

Some of us went to singing assembly on Wednesday morning. For our new children, this was their first visit to the hall. It seemed very big!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend with your family.

Week beginning 1 April 2019

We have had a very busy but exciting week in Nursery.

We have made Easter bunny cards. We did gluing and sticking to make them. We were very clever writing our names inside.

Making Easter CardsMaking Easter cards

We had our first visit to Forest School. We had to find pictures of Easter eggs hidden in the trees. We counted the eggs to help us with our numbers. It was wet and muddy, which made it even more fun.

We made Easter nests which helped us understand melting. We counted out the chocolate buttons and rabbits to put in the baskets.

We joined EYU for our singing assembly. We sang some songs from Matilda and Lion King, we were amazing.

Thank you for making Easter bonnets for our parade on Friday. The bonnets were fantastic. Well done everyone! We hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday and enjoy time with your families.

Week beginning 25 March 2019

Our story of the week is Whatever Next, by Jill Murphy.

We made sparkly, black playdough and we cut out stars and rolled the dough in silver glitter. Some of us did dough gym to music, which helped warm up our hands ready for writing and mark making on whiteboards. We have our name cards to help us recognise our names and remember how to write the letters.

On the computer we have matched the number of spots on the ladybirds to the correct number. This helped with our counting and number recognition.

For Mother's Day, we made cards and painted our hands on to them. We did an assembly in the hall and our mums loved the songs we sang. Then we took our mums for squash and cake in the canteen. It was delicious!

The cress pots were for our mummies.

We grew cress in pots, We were amazed by how fast it grew! We took it in turns to water the seeds.

Week beginning 18 March 2019

We have been playing matching number games with Mrs Bell and Mrs Grant. We had pictures and had to match the amount to the number. Some of us recognised some of the numbers.

We have been going to the hall to practise our Mother's Day assembly songs and we have made some beautiful cards for our mums but they can't see them til their special day on Sunday. It's a secret!

We went on our cars and scooters to the drive through at MacDonald’s.Outside play and hammer and nails activity
Tap Tap: hammer and nails activity.                                    The girls made a pie.

The weather has been sunny so we have played outside a lot this week. We even went on an assault course in the EYU garden. Mr Simms made it - it was great fun trying different ways of moving and balancing.

We would like to thank all of our parents, carers and their families for their continued support of our children and nursery. Thank you very much from Ducklings class!

Week beginning 11 March 2019

Our story of the week is My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh.

We have been learning a new song called "5 little men in a flying saucer". We take it in turns to be aliens. It helps us learn to count. On the carpet at register we learn the days of the week and the month and weather. This helps us know about time. We even know a days of the week song.


We tried to make aliens out of green sparkly playdough. We needed help to do this. Some of our aliens had lots of eyes.

We threaded pasta with laces which was quite tricky, but some of us managed to do it brilliantly.

Science Week

Science Week eggs and flowers

It was science week so we invited our adults in to see what we have been learning. In our water tray we did floating and sinking. We painted eggs (hard boiled) and decorated them with glitter. We had large magnets and found what they would stick to. We put white carnation flowers in colouring to make the petals change colour. We had ice cubes in the tuff spot and hid animals inside. We learned about melting and ice.

We had Parents Evenings on Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you to our parents for their continued support. In PE we had benches and mats and learned ways of moving, sliding on our tummy, walking sideways and backwards and balancing on the bench. We jumped onto the mats, bending our knees to land safely.

On Friday we dressed up in our sports outfits for Comic Relief. We entered a class competition to colour a red nose. It was very exciting!

Week beginning 4 March 2019

Our story of the week is Chicken Licken.

We have loved making aliens and planets out of red playdough. We watched our adults and learned how to do it ourselves. Playdough mats also gave us ideas.

On Tuesday it was Shrove Tuesday so we took turns tossing pancakes. Then we rolled them up and put lemon and sugar on. They were yummy! We also did pancake racing with the whole school in the playground. It was great fun!

Pancake Day 2019

We practised with scissors and made farm animal masks. Mrs Bell and Mrs Grant helped us.

On Wednesday some of us are learning songs from Lion King and Matilda in our whole school singing assembly in the hall.

We made rocket pictures to help us learn our shapes: triangle, square and rectangle. We are really enjoying our space roleplay area and learning a fact each day. Did you know there are 8 planets? And we live on planet Earth.

Week beginning 25 February 2019

Welcome back to everyone after our holiday. The weather has been beautiful so we have played outside. We had the tent out, which was fun. We played hide and seek with our friends which made us laugh. The water tray was full of bubbles and we had small and large brushes to clean our toys. We chatted to each other as we played, and took it in turns.

We hid shells in the sand tray and even made sandcastles with our wet sand. We made different size sandcastles and counted them.

Space corner

Space corner

Our roleplay area has been changed to space! We have got planets and stars hanging up and even spacemen floating on the ceiling. We drew around ourselves to make these. We are learning a different fact each day about space, for instance space is silent and you can see stars through a telescope. It is amazing learning about different planets. Some of us went to the hall to sing The Lion King music in music assembly and some of us walked like astronauts in PE. What a fun week we have had!


Week beginning 11 February 2019

PE was fun this week. We did the traffic lights game in the hall. We have to listen and follow instructions to play the game. Red means stop, amber means we walk, green means we run. We also danced to sticky kids. We got tired and hungry, we were so busy! We came back to Nursery to eat our healthy snack. We had bananas, apples, oranges and milk to eat and drink.


It was Valentine's Day on Thursday. We made Valentine's cards and wrote our names inside to give to people we love. We made heart shaped biscuits. We measured and mixed the ingredients in a bowl. We put lemon juice in the biscuits. They smelled delicious! We cooked them in our little oven in Nursery.


We had shells in the sandpit like the shells in our story of the week, Sharing a Shell. One of our children held the shells to her ears and said "Ooh, the snail has gone!". This is like the snail in our story.

Week beginning 4 February 2019

Our story of the week is "I'm Sorry", by Sam McBratney.

We have had Chatty Chair times talking about our snowy day on Friday. We told each other what we did at home in the snow.

Chinese New Year was exciting. We painted noodles and mixed colours, measured and sieved colour rice using Chinese plates. We watched a film about a family celebrating Chinese New Year. We wrote our names and numbers in Chinese writing and are so proud. We have put them on the wall to show our mums and dads.

Chinese Writing

We have worked in small groups building the train track together and taking it in turns. We had a giggle drawing around each other and colouring "ourselves" on paper, and measuring each other to see how tall we are.

Week beginning 28 January 2019

We played lotto and the sound track game to help us take turns, listen and build up our vocabulary.

We all went on the library bus on Monday. It is a double decker bus and we may go upstairs next week, which will be very exciting.

Library Bus

We painted on foil on the table. We made patterns and mixed colours independently We used thick and thin brushes.

Our playdough was sparkly this week and we had candles and cutters to make cakes. We squashed and rolled the dough.

Our dough gym was fun and we danced to music led by Mrs Bell. We squashed, rolled, patted our dough and danced at the same time.

Week beginning 21 January 2019

Our story of the week is The Selfish Crocodile.

We are still enjoying playing in our jungle role play area and have now painted a lovely green crocodile and a very tall giraffe we call Jeffrey. He is taller than we are! The crocodile is very long and has sharp, pointy teeth.

Crocodile and Zebra models

At snack time we have milk and try different fruits. This week we have had bananas, apples, pears and oranges. We recycle our waste fruit and on Fridays we put all of our peelings on the composter.

We have been making bottles of perfume out of rose petals, and outside we have been measuring and making sandcastles with our new sand and taking turns to use the sieves.

On Wednesday we all made biscuits. We took turns to weigh, mix and stir the ingredients and the use cutters to make the shape. Our grownups had to put them in the oven to cook. They were yummy.

Week beginning 14 January 2019

We have really enjoyed playing with coloured rice this week in the tuff spot. We loved using our imagination to tip and measure rice into different containers. We loved to chat to each other while we are playing.

Puppet Show

The jungle in our role play area is amazing and our favourite thing is doing our puppet shows. We take it in turns to do the shows or sit in the audience. We usually manage to do this ourselves without adult support.

In junk modelling Mrs Bee helped us to make a huge giraffe for our jungle and Mrs grant 

helped us to work together as a team and paint him yellow and orange. We learned about giraffes and what they eat. We have called our giraffe Jeffrey. He is taller than all of us!

On Thursday we went for a snowy walk on the school playing field. We wrapped up warm and wore our wellies. It was so exciting! We did lots of mark-making in the snow. We were amazing!

Week beginning 7 January 2019

Wishing you all a very happy New Year. Mrs Bell and Mrs Grant would like to say a big thank you for our lovely Christmas presents!

We have told each other all of our Christmas news and have sat in circle time taking turns to listen to each other and to meet our new children.

Jungle play area

We have an amazing jungle in our role play area. We have painted monkeys, tigers and giraffes to put in the jungle, and we are going to measure ourselves to see if we are as tall as the giraffe. It is fun playing with the animals and learning all about them. In PE we did animal movement to music in the hall. We pretended to be big cats, giraffes and even mice and butterflies. It was exciting going into the hall. For some of us it was our first time. We were very brave.

We went to singing assembly on Wednesday morning with the whole school and we are learning songs from Lion King and Toy Story. We joined in the actions to the songs.

Week beginning 17 December 2018

EYU and Nursery Nativity Dec18

The Nativity play by Nursery and Reception classes was lovely!

Week beginning 10 December 2018

Our story of the week was "Our Visit to Santa".

Snow and ice play - Nursery

In our tuff spot we had snow and animals that live in the Arctic.

We have been practising our nativity in the hall with Early Years. We even put on our costumes, which was fun. We were beautiful stars.

The children told us at chatty time that they liked colouring snowmen pictures with felt tips, making robots out of junk modelling (which were amazing!). We had to think about box sizes and how to fix them together. Some children built a swimming pool from the Duplo bricks without any help. We took photos to show our adults.

Our parents and grandparents came to see our Christmas creations and help us ice our biscuits, we even had mince pies!!

After our nativity practise we ate Christmas tree crumpets as a treat. They were delicious!

Wishing you a very happy and healthy Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2019.

Week beginning 3 December 2018

Wow - what a lot has been going on in Nursery.

Christmas jumpers in Nursery

We wore Christmas jumpers and each donated a bottle to the PTFA Christmas Bazaar. It was funny seeing all the different jumpers.

We have been preparing for Christmas with lots of arts and crafts; we have made gifts tags, calendars, decorations and lots of jolly snowmen. It's been such fun!

Christmas - nursery

Reindeer garland

Week beginning 26 November 2018

Duckling Post box

Our story of the week is the Jolly Postman.

We have talked about being kind and we are all friends together.

We have been to the library bus to change our books.

We have practised our nativity songs with EYU in the hall. We even went up on the stage which was very exciting. We are all being stars.

We played board games and memory games with our adults, which we were very good at.

We made our Christmas cards then wrote our names in. We all walked to the Post Office and even saw the postman who opened the postbox with a big key, which was very exciting.

At the postbox

Thank you so much to all of our parent helpers who kept us safe and walked with us.

Week beginning 19 November 2018

We have been learning the song "5 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day" and even made our own yellow playdough. We are so clever! We made wind sticks with coloured tissue and ran around outside with them.

We had a day playing with musical instruments and went to singing assembly with the rest of the school in the hall. We have been practising our Christmas songs to sing to our mums and dads.

We did lots of cutting out. We had ducks to cut out (from our story) and our adults helped if it was tricky.

Making Playdough ducks      Rainbow Spaghetti

The most fun we had was painting our rainbow spaghetti in lots of colours.

Week beginning 12 November 2018

What another busy, fun week we have had. We did a gingerbread man number activity on the computer with an adult. We counted the buttons on the gingerbread man. We are learning to click and drag the mouse, with adult support.

Post Office


We are starting to recognise our name and played a fun game of musical chairs. Our names were on the chairs and we had to find and recognise our names when the music stopped.

We are really enjoying our post office area, writing, mark making and wrapping parcels. We even made a birthday card for Mrs Agate and took it to her office.

Thursday was Childen in Need day. We made Pudsey masks, iced yellow biscuits and Pudsey headbands. We went to the other classrooms to join in all of the activities.

Week beginning 5 November 2018

Our story of the week is The Gingerbread Man.

On Monday we went on the library bus and chose books to take home to read with our grown ups.

We made firework pictures which were very pretty and sparkly.

Fireworks artwork

It was also Divali this week and we watched some children on CBBs talking about Divali and we made lanterns practising our cutting skills.

We iced gingerbread men in yellow, red and orange icing. They were delicious.

On Friday we cooked as a team making a poppy collage.

Week beginning 29 October 2018

Our story of the week was We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We joined in with the repetition and actions. It was fun!

We have been learning to look after books on our own and to turn the pages carefully.

On the writing table, we have been mark making on pumpkins. Later we scooped out the pumpkins and counted the seeds with our adults. The pumpkins felt very sticky inside.

We loved the orange playdough. We rolled it into balls and put pipecleaner stalks on the top. We talked about fireworks and sparklers. We made sparklers out of chocolate and sprinkles with Mrs Froude, our student teacher. They were delicious!

Fireworks paintings
Our fireworks painting.

The weather was cold but we dressed up warmly and ran outside with our friends playing hide and seek, playing in the mud kitchen and on the bikes and scooters.

Week beginning 15 October 2018

This week our story of the week was The Enormous Turnip. We role played our story, it was so much fun! We got a really good understanding of the story.

reading room
Our reading corner.

On Wednesday, we took part in the whole school singing assembly. We all sang beautifully and joined in. We are looking forward to going again after half term.

We have been very excited about the Banbury Fair. We talked about keeping safe and the importance of holding a grown-up's hand.  On Thursday and Friday, we had lots of Chatty Chair time to share our evening news about the fair. We even drew pictures and made chocolate apples.

This week we also filled our pom pom pot so as a treat on Friday we had hot chocolate and watched a film.

Finally we would like to wish you a restful holiday.

Please remember to send your child in with a named coat and wellies every day and water bottles.


Week beginning 8 October 2018

This week we have been celebrating Harvest.

We started our week by going on a leaf hunt. We collected all different types of leaves, big leaves, small leaves, brown, yellow, green and red. We then used our leaves to make patterns by painting them, rubbing them and cutting around them.


We also had our Harvest assembly. We bravely sang our song "Mister Scarecrow" to our grown-ups and proudly stood on the stage. Everybody clapped and Mrs Bell told us we were great. Thank you to all of our parents who kindly donated food for our Harvest festival.

Shape houses

To help us learn our shapes, we have made our own shape house. We learned we have square windows, a rectangle door, a triangle roof and a circle doorknob.

Week beginning 1 October 2018

Ducklings hats

This week in Ducklings we have been busy practising our songs for our Harvest Assembly. We hope you can come and watch us on Wednesday 10th October at 9.10 am.

We have gotten messy painting spaghetti and making rainbows. We have also enjoyed filling pots and bowls with rice in our home corner.

Outside we have been digging for conkers, shells and worms in the compost. We even found some potatoes!

Please can parents remember to provide a named pair of wellies for their child.

Week beginning 24 September 2018

In Nursery this week we have been listening to our story The Three Little Pigs. On Wednesday we went on a stick hunt to help us build our house of sticks. We explored the outdoor area and Mrs Bell taught us how to carry safely. We got very messy making our straw house and we are now building our brick house.

Construction area

One of the children told Mrs Bell that their favourite story was We're Going on a Bear Hunt. In PE went on our own bear hunt. We especially enjoyed being the bear!

Week beginning 17 September 2018

What a busy week we have had!

On Monday we had our first visit to the Library Bus. We were all very sensible. We are looking forward to going again, and next week we will be exploring upstairs. We have been thinking of stories to look at when we visit.

We went to Early Years for our enrichment session on Tuesday. We made houses from junk modelling and displayed them in our home corner. This linked in with our House for Mouse story.

Home corner

Wednesday we went up to the hall to have our first PE lesson. We took off our shoes and socks and danced to sticky kids. We loved it!

We were all dressed smartly on Thursday for school photos.


We then came back to Nursery and made some dinosaur footprints, which we will carry on next week to create a display.

Friday we joined Early Years for assembly. We sat really well and listened to a story. To end a busy week, we introduced our Nursery friend Harry the monkey, who likes to go home with a child each weekend.

Week beginning 10 September 2018

We would like to welcome our new Nursery children who have joined us. They have all settled in really well. Welcome back also to children who have come back to Nursery so grown up! We hope you have all had a restful break.


This week we joined Early Years for our enrichment sessions. We painted our portraits. We looked carefully at our eye and hair colour. We have displayed our portraits in our classroom and would be grateful if you could send in a baby photo for us to display with our paintings.

On Wednesday we joined Early Years to watch their PE lesson. This was our very first walk up the school corridor. Mrs Bell and Miss Ahmed were very impressed with how sensibly we walked. When we got to the hall, we sat and watched the children do PE and later we joined in. Our PE sessions will start next Wednesday, if parents could please send in named plimpsoles or trainers, clearly named.

This week the children have played various turn-taking games which we are getting very good at.

A quick reminder to all parents: please label each item of clothing you child brings to nursery. Also please ensure your child has a named coat and water bottle every day. If your child would like to bring in a piece of fruit, they are more than welcome to as there is limited choice.