What we are learning

Week beginning 13th January

What a busy week it’s been!

On Tuesday some of us had our very first visit to the library bus. We took the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story sack and some puzzles. It was so much fun! We can’t wait to go back.

We went to our first Singing assembly on Wednesday. Miss Gayer was really impressed with how brilliantly we walked in and how well we behaved throughout the assembly. We all had our pegs moved up when we came back to Nursery. We really enjoyed Singing assembly and sang for the rest of the day!

Forest School and crafts

On Thursday we had our junk modelling day; we used our creative skills to make some brilliant rockets then we showed our grownups at the end of the day. We also took a stroll through Forest School. We all listened so well and are looking forward to going over the next few weeks.

Reminder to parents/carers: please make sure your child comes to Nursery with a hat, coat and wellies, all named please, as we will be spending time outside in Nursery garden and in Forest school.

Week beginning 6th January

Welcome back. We hope you have had a relaxing break.

We would like to offer a special welcome to our January starters who have all settled well. We look forward to seeing you develop through your time at Little Harriers Nursery.

Our topic this term is Space. The children have already shown great interest and even decided they wanted to make a giant ‘Rainbow Rocket’! We got very messy painting, but it was brilliant fun.

Painting the space rocket

We have learned some interesting facts about space; one of the children told us that we live on Earth, another mentioned that the sun is very high and very hot.

We have been practicing our counting. Some us even counted back from 10 before blasting off into space.

It is brilliant to see how well all of our children have returned to Nursery after the break.

Week beginning 16th December

We have had a great last week of term celebrating Christmas with our Nursery party. We enjoyed playing lots of party games and eating lots of party food.

The children have been amazing and we wish you all a lovely Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to seeing you all back in Nursery in the new year, enjoy the holiday break 

Mrs Bell and Miss Ahmed, Hannah and Brad.

Week beginning 9th December

What a busy week full of Christmas activities and lots of singing!

Christmas costumes

On Monday and Tuesday we took part in the Early Years and Nursery nativity, some of us chose to be Sheep and some of us chose to be Angels.

We all sang so well Mrs Bell and Mrs Ahmed were so proud of us.

It was lovely to see so many parents, we hope you enjoyed our nativity and a very big thank you to parents/carers for your support with providing the costumes.

On Wednesday, we sang Jingle bells at our annual school Carol Service. The weather didn’t stop us from singing and we enjoyed it so much that we carried on singing throughout the rest of the week.

Christmas present tree



Our classroom is now looking very festive. The children have been busy decorating the tree, we also made our very own Christmas tree which the children decorated with various resources.

We have also done lots of craft activities throughout the week which we have displayed around our classroom.


Week beginning 2nd December 2019

This week, nursery children have been very busy making a special creation, they even had a go at writing their names inside (with adult support).

At the post office

On Thursday, we took a walk to the local Post office where we posted our special creations. 

Mrs Bell and Miss Ahmed were very proud of how well we listened and behaved.

Posting our letters

We listened to different sounds within the environment; we even heard the birds tweeting. When we were crossing roads, we stopped we looked both ways and listened to make sure it was safe to cross.

Posting our letters

Along the way, we came across a road signpost, some of the children recognised the initial letter of their names, and some even recognised numbers on doors and car registration plates.

On our return to Nursery, Mrs Bell surprised us with a little edible treat as well as some role play stamps for us to use at Nursery which she brought from the Post office. Thank you to our parent helpers who assisted us on our walk.

We have also been practising our songs for our Nativity which is on Monday and Tuesday next week, please collect your tickets from the school office.

Road SafetyWeek beginning 18th November 2019

This week has been National Road Safety Week, so we have been learning how to stay safe when out and about. We have talked about the importance of holding hands with our grown ups and we also watched a power point about where it’s safe to cross the road and how to cross correctly. To support our learning we made a big Lollipop sign and small ones for us to use outside when practicing our road safety.

Our story this week has been Jack and the Beanstalk. We have continued to practice our scissor skills by cutting out big leaves to put on our Nursery Beanstalk and we have also planted some beans to grow our very own Beanstalk!

Mrs Bell would like to thank all of our parents for attending parents' evening this week.

Making and planting beanstalks

Week beginning 11th November

What a busy week it’s been!

On Monday morning, we talked about Remembrance day and made a giant Poppy. We got so messy but had so much fun! We also took part in the whole school two-minute silence with all of the children on the big playground. Mrs Bell and Miss Ahmed were very proud of how well we listened.

Making a giant poppy

On Wednesday, it was Fairy Tale Dressing Up Day. There were many different activities and we read lots of traditional tales. Thank you to Tilly and Eli who came dressed as Hansel and Gretel and brought in some sweeties for their friends.

Children dressed as Hansel and Gretel and painting Pudsey Bear

On Friday, we came to school in our pyjamas to help raise money for Children in Need. We spoke about Pudsey Bear and why we put pennies in our collection box.

Children in Need day

In the afternoon, we went around the big school to take part in various activities in the children’s classrooms.

Week beginning 4th November

Welcome back everybody, we hope you had a lovely break.

We have got a busy, fun term ahead of us including a visit form Zoolab, a fairytale dressing up day and also Children in Need. Please refer to your letter for dates.

This week, we have have settled back into our Nursery routine brilliantly. We have enjoyed talking about fireworks and created some great art work which is displayed in our classroom. We are starting to learn our Christmas songs for our Nativity and have enjoyed dancing around to the music.

Scissor safety lesson

We have been busy practising our scissor safety and have learnt how to carry scissors safely, how to pass scissors to a friend and how to hold scissors correctly when cutting snips in paper. We are getting really good at this and will be practicing as much as possible, please ask the children about this.

Scissor safety

Although the weather is now getting colder we will still be playing outside. Please make sure your child has a warm coat, hat and gloves to keep them warm.

Week beginning 20th October 

Our story of the week was We’re going on a Bear Hunt. We learnt the story so well that by the end of the week we were confident enough to role play it on the big field!

Outside Learning and spiders web

We have been observing the changes within our environments around us, we even took a stroll outside where we discovered some spider webs, they sparkled beautifully because of the foggy morning. They were all different shapes and sizes, we then went on to explore leaves and trees.  Mrs Bell found a tree stump on the playing field that was very old, we knew how old it was by counting the rings on the stump.

Nursery children learning about trees

We would like to say how proud we are of our Nursery children who have all had an exceptionally brilliant first term.

We wish you all a well deserved break and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday the 5th of November.

Week beginning 14th October

On Monday, we were very lucky to join EYU on a visit to the local park. Mrs bell gave us a collecting bag that we filled with natural things such as leaves and pine cones. We brought our collecting bags back to Nursery to share with each other.

Nursery children on walk

Our walk to the park linked in with our topic which is the Autumn season. We would like to thank all of the parents and carers for their help on our trip.

Some children have been speaking about going to the Banbury Fair so this week we have been talking about keeping safe in busy environments and how important it is to stay with our grown ups.

In nursery we played hook a duck. It was quite tricky! We then had to turn the duck over and count the dots to help us with our numbers.

Nursery children with their Harvest Festival hats

On Thursday, we took part in our annual Harvest assembly; the children all sang so well and were very well behaved. Mrs Bell and Miss Ahmed were really pleased. Thank you to all the parents and carers for their kind harvest donations and also for coming to watch our assembly.

Week beginning 7 October 2019

What an exciting, fun week it has been!

Meeting the firemen

On Monday we were very lucky to join EYU for a visit to a fire engine. We welcomed the firefighters with a big smile, looked around the fire engine and even got to hop on. It was so much fun! We all listened really well when the firefighters were talking to us.

One of the firefighters showed us how to make a “rescue swing”. Eli was very lucky to be a little helper. To end our lovely morning, we got to use the fire engine hoses.

Meeting the firemen

This week we have made our first house for the three little pigs. It was a straw house. Making the houses will help us remember our story. Next week we will make a stick house, and finally we will make a brick house.

We would be very grateful if parents/carers could donate towards our harvest hamper; there is a green, labelled box in our nursery cloakroom. Thank you very much for your support.

Week beginning 30 September 2019

Nursery children in Forest School

We have had a great week in Nursery exploring the Forest school area. We learnt how to stay safe and looked for conkers and different colour leaves. To support this term's story ‘A new house for mouse’, we have made our own houses out of junk modelling; some of us added carpets and even left a little hole for mouse to come in and out of!

We have enjoyed some story sacks with our grown ups and next week we will be learning all about ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

Nursery children in Forest School

We have been so amazing over the last couple of weeks, we have filled our Pom Pom pot up and for our treat we had hot chocolate and a biscuit on Friday, it was yummy.

Week beginning 23 September 2019

We have had such a fun and busy week at Little Harriers nursery, we have been playing lots of turn-taking games with our grown-ups who have also spoken to us about nursery rules and feelings.

Mrs Bell has introduced “Pom Poms in the Pot” which is a whole class reward scheme. We are hoping to fill our pot up very soon for our first little treat.

On Thursday, it was European Languages Day. We listened to the Spanish, Polish and Italian languages being spoken and we even joined in with lovely colours and songs.

We have also been doing lots of baking to help raise some pennies for charity at our school’s Macmillan coffee afternoon. We made some crispy cakes and shortbread biscuits. Baking was so much fun - we got so messy!

Week beginning 16 September 2019

We have had a great week in Nursery. We have enjoyed playing outdoors in the sunshine and even had our snack outside. We always take every opportunity to take our learning into the garden so please can all parents please provide their child with a pair of named wellies.

Mrs Bell and Miss Ahmed took us on an adventure through the big school this week, we visited the office, the big hall, and the canteen where everyone has their lunch, and we also had a quick look on the Library bus. In Nursery we also have a lending Library book box so please choose a book to share with your child as this is a great way to develop their young interest.

self Porttraits Nursery

We have been also been talking about how everyone is different, we have looked at each others hair, eyes and skin to see if we are the same or different. We then looked in a mirror and painted our amazing portraits, please have a look and see if you can guess who is who. If possible it would be great to have a photo of your child as a baby to display next to their portraits to see how we have changed.

Nursery Garden Week beginning 9 September 2019

We would like to welcome our new nursery children who have joined us this September. They have all settled so well! Welcome back to our children who joined last year; we are excited for you to continue your learning journeys with us at Little Harriers.

Mrs Bell and Mrs Grant would like to say a very big thank you to parents, carers and children for the lovely gifts they received at the end of the summer term.

This week the children have played a few group games so they can get to know each other's names.

We have enjoyed playing in the Nursery garden. There is so much to explore indoors and out.

On Thursday we walked to the big playground. We are so excited to explore the library bus in the upcoming weeks. Donations of books are always very welcome and clean junk would be brilliant for us to continue our model making.

A quick reminder to all parents: please ensure each item of clothing is labelled clearly and that each child has a named coat, wellies and water bottle. We would also welcome a photo of your child as a baby, to display with our fabulous portraits!