What we are learning

Week beginning 12 March 2018

This week we have learned how to use our knives and forks safely. This is to support our eating at mealtimes. We all chose a cupcake and cut it up into small pieces. We used our forks to pop it into our mouths. We tried really hard and received a special certificate.

Table manners

In our PE session with Onside, we learned the Ten Steps of Fitness. We worked as small teams and followed instructions well.

Mrs Bell and Miss Ahmed would like to thank all of our parents/carers for attending our Parents' Evening and for their continued support.

Week beginning 5 March 2018

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks we have had.

It was lovely to hear the children's news about their adventures in the snow! The children told us all about making snowmen and some enjoyed sledging up and down the hills. "It was cold but fun!" said Layla.

This week we have been preparing for our mothers' special day on Sunday. We have painted portraits of our mums, and made flowers and cards about why we love them. We sang a special song and gave flowers to our parents and carers in our Mother's Day assembly.

Week beginning 20 February 2018

Welcome back after our February half term. We hope you all had a restful week off.

On Tuesday we came back to Nursery to discover a minibeast garden. We talked about who would live in a minibeast garden and did some minibeast printing. We also helped Miss Maycock measure how long the hungry caterpillar in our minibeast area is. We have really enjoyed using our hands and magnifying glasses to look for pictures that were hidden in the soil. We got messy but had so much fun!

Mini beasts garden and kindness board

This week we also introduced our kindness board. Each time we do something kind or make our friends happy, it gets written on a special star and put up on the board.

We enjoyed having our indoor car wash with toothbrushes and soapy water. Our Nursery cars are now squeaky clean!

Snack time

Week beginning 29 January 2018

This week we have been practising writing our names. We were so good Miss Ahmed and Mrs Bell were very impressed!

We enjoyed doing handprints this week as we all got together to do a leaving card for our friend Jude. We are sorry he's leaving. We will miss him.

Some of our friends from Early Years came to explore in Nursery. We made them feel welcome and explained our Nursery rules to them. We remembers the rules well without being reminded.

We are getting very confidence with counting beyond 10. Some of us can count beyond 20 independently. Our numicon has really helped with our learning.

We had our class reward on Friday as we managed to fill our pom pom pot. For our reward we made some dinosaur jam sandwiches! We practised washing our hands, following the right procedure and using our listening ears to follow instructions.

Week beginning 22 January 2018

What a busy week!

We have been playing sound lotto and have been super at taking turns. We had to remember where our animal pictures were.

On Wednesday we put on our all-in-one suits and went outside to splash in some puddles. We had so much fun! Mrs Bell showed us different types of weather on our smart board.

We have been learning about different textures. We got creative and painted on foil. We displayed our painting in our classroom.

Welcome to Akshata, our new member of Nursery.

We made our very own playdough with Miss Ahmed. We got messy but had a great time. We used our playdough for dough gym. This helps to strengthen our muscles!

Painting dinosaur models

Finally a big thank you to Miss Maycock for helping us finish our modroc dinosaurs. It has been a great experience.

Week beginning 15 January 2018

This week we have made dinosaurs and Miss Maycock has helped us modroc our models. Next week we are going to paint them! Please ask to see them.

Children with their dinosaur models

We have enjoy
ed blowing bubbles in our garden and watching the wind help them to climb really high.

We had a visit from Ms Pamplin who showed us how to eat a chocolate button in a "mindful" way. We really enjoyed this session. We also made playdough with Miss Ahmed. We talked about different textures and enjoyed getting messy with our hands.

Week beginning 8 January 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of our children and parents/carers. Mrs Bell, Miss Ahmed and Hannah wish to say a big thank you for all of our wonderful cards and presents over the Christmas period.

We would like to welcome our newest children Joshua, Harvey, Cleo, Olivia, Dakotah and Lexi to Ducklings. The children are all beginning to settle well and have enjoyed exploring their new learning environment.

We started this week with our dinosaur day. We made our own dinosaur name pictures, rescued dinosaurs from the slime and the lake and heard about Harry's adventures with his bucket full of dinosaurs. If your child has a dinosaur story at home, please bring in to share with the children.

Week beginning 11 December 2017

Nursery at Christmas

Wow, we have had a week full of Christmas fun. And some of us saw snow for the first time!

We have made lots of Christmas crafts and can't wait to show our grown ups.

We sang Jingle Bells in the carol concert and received a huge round of applause. We are now ready for our Christmas party and are looking forward to wearing our party clothes.

Mrs Bell and Miss Ahmed would like to wish all of our parents/carers a wonderful Christmas and a fun-filled 2018.

SnowmenWeek beginning 4 December 2017

Wow, what a great week we have had! 

Our week started with us performing our Christmas show to KS1 and then to our families. We were brilliant and our families gave us the biggest clap!

We have been busy making Christmas reindeer, snowmen and a sleigh in Santa's workshop.

On Friday we got to play in REAL SNOW in the Nursery garden! We were very excited.

Week beginning 27 November 2017

This week in Nursery we have been busy practising our songs and learning the actions for our special Christmas show. We even practised standing on the stage safely. We are very excited to perform for our families next week!

On Monday we made our Christmas cards, which we were very proud of. This linked in to our trip to the post office. We posted our cards ourselves. As we were so well behaved, Mrs Bell brought us a little treat. We really enjoyed our trip.

Bus photos

On Thursday we welcomed our Banbury Mayor to the opening of our amazing library bus. We were the first to explore the bus!

Week beginning 20 November 2017

Christmas has now started in Nursery.

We have been busy practising the songs for our performance and we are getting really good at our actions.

We have enjoyed playing with our rainbow rice this week and have counted how many spoonfuls it takes to fill our containers.

Library bus

On Monday we visited our new Library Bus. We explored all around the bus and we very carefully walked up the stairs to the top deck. When we looked out we could see St Mary's Church and our Nursery. It was great! We had a story and learned how to look after our Big Red Bus!

Week beginning 13 November 2017

Pudsey-smMaking biscuits

We have had a very exciting, busy week. On Tuesday we joined Early Years to do Children In Need activities. Our favourite was the Pudsey biscuits - we made two! They were yummy.

We have made our very own kindness jigsaw which is displayed in our classroom. This linked in with anti-bullying week. We learned a lot about being kind to each other.

We went out to the big playground to welcome our new Library Bus. We can't wait to explore!

A big thank you to all the parents who came to Parents' Evenings this week. We appreciate all of your support.

Week beginning 6 November 2017

We have learned all about fruits and vegetables this week.

Emma from Morrisons visited us and brought lots of different things to try. We tasted melon, pomegranate, persimmon, lemon and limes.

Fruit or vegetable display

We learned that fruits have seeds and vegetables do not. We also got to draw the fruits and vegetables and Mrs Bell has put them on the wall.

We would like to say thank you to Emma for a fun day!

Paper pumpkinsWeek beginning 30 October 2017

We have had another busy week. We made paper pumpkins. We cut our own strips of paper and talked about how to keep safe with scissors. We also had real pumpkins which we made marks on then scooped out the seeds. Some of us counted the seeds (there were so many!).

We had orange playdough and rolling pins and plastic knives to cut the playdough. This helps to strengthen our fingers.

We had such fun splattering paint and making rockets for our firework display in our classroom.


We went to forest school this week. We played hide and seek and explored around the forest using magnifying glasses. We were really good and remembered our forest school rules.

As the weather is turning colder, please could make sure all children bring a named hat and gloves.

Week beginning 16 October 2017

It's hard to believe we are at the end of our first term in Nursery! The children have been fabulous and have settled into their routines brilliantly.

This week we have been learning all about numbers and have enjoyed using our megablocks to build towers and then count how many blocks are in our towers. Some of the children tried to write our numbers 1-5 using our number lines.

We finished our week off by decorating apples with chocolate and sprinkles. They were very messy but really nice.

We wish you a restful holiday and look forward to seeing you after the break.

Nursery Post Office
Our new Post Office

Week beginning 9 October 2017

Another busy week in Nursery!

We have been preparing for our Harvest assembly. We did so well with practising our "Big red combine harvester" song and remembering our actions. We also made our very own combine harvester crowns. We would like to thank our parents for all of our harvest produce donations.

This week we have looked at different vegetables and even used them to print with! We tried to make patterns and really enjoyed the activity. We also increased our knowledge of different types of vegetables.

Because we have all been super stars this week, we managed to put all of our pompoms in the pot. For our treat, we iced biscuits and decorated them with sprinkles!

Nursery at Forest SchoolWeek beginning 2 October 2017

We would like to welcome our student helper Hannah, from Banbury College. She will be joining us every Thursday and Friday until February.

This week we took a walk around Forest School. Mrs Bell gave us each a pot. We had to find leaves that were red, yellow, brown and green. We then took our leaves back to Nursery to create our leaf print tree. Please make sure you have a look.

This week we have started our new class reward scheme, which is to fill our pot with pom poms. On Friday we had our first treat, due to us using our listening ears and being kind to our friends. We enjoyed our special treat at snacktime. Yum yum!

Week beginning 25 September 2017

What a busy week we have had!

Playing with the dollsOn Wednesday we walked up to the hall to join the rest of our school to say goodbye to Mrs Agate who is going on maternity leave. We all made her a special card.

On Thursday we had our very first visit to Forest School. We talked about how to keep safe in the forest and then we explored.

We have enjoyed doing our portraits. We used mirrors to look closely at our features, like our eye and hair colour.

Week beginning 18 September 2017

This week the children have start to come in confidently, self-selecting activities to support their busy learning.

Bug Rug

We have now started sitting on our new bug rug at carpet times. We do our days of the week song, which we all enjoy. We also have a class calendar which helps us learn our numbers and the date. While discussing our topic "me and my world" the children showed an interest in dinosaurs. Miss Maycock has helped us make special homes for our dinosaurs. We got very messy, but we had so much fun!

The school photographer came to take our photos this week. We all looked so smart and had our best smiles.

Week beginning 11 September 2017

Welcome back after the summer holidays - we hope you have had a restful break.

We would like to welcome our new starters to Little Harriers and hope to give you the best start in your learning journeys.

Nursery tree

Our Nursery children have settled really well. Over the last two weeks, the children have learned to select resources of interest to them. This has helped to support their confidence within the setting.

We look forward to sharing further news and seeing more of you soon.

Week beginning 17 July 2017

What an exciting time we have had in Nursery this year. It has whizzed by very quickly! We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has support us.

This week we have been learning how to write numbers 1-5 with our whiteboard and pens. We have enjoyed bathing our babies outside in the sunshine.

Our roleplay area is the beach and ice cream shop and we tasted real ice cream cornets at snack time. They were delicious! On Friday (our last day) Mr Pearson was very kind and asked the ice cream man to come into school. We heard the van and were so excited! The whole school were allowed one each.

On Thursday it was party day. We had pass the parcel and did lots of dancing. We were brilliant at musical statues and musical bumps.

We would like to wish all of our children, whether you are moving up to Reception in September or returning to Nursery, a safe and happy holiday.

Week beginning 3 July 2017

Another busy week in Nursery. On Monday some of us had our transition morning meeting our new teachers in EYU, Mr Sherington and Miss Drury.

On Wednesday we had the Banbury Museum workshop visit Nursery. They taught us about canal life and narrow boars and the special gates the boats went through that needed a special key. It was fun trying on the dressing up clothes to make us look like people in olden times. We wore shawls, caps, aprons and bonnets. Mrs Bell took lots of photos of us.
Banbury Museum visit photos

Mrs Bell and Mrs Grant were very proud of us. On Thursday we joined all KS2 children on the playground singing Harriers Meets the West End. It was amazing.

On Friday we joined the rest of the school to run on the school field for Race for Life to help raise money for charity. We ran very fast.

Sports dayWeek beginning 26 June 2017

Mrs Grant and Mrs Bell were amazed at how great we were on our sports days this week. Our favourite races were egg and spoon and the running races. Even our mums and dads joined in the running races. They were very fast!

We have been making shapes and patterns with our fingers in shaving foam.

On Thursday we went to the forest school and had such fun with our friends on the swings, mud kitchen, climbing, balancing and hiding in the dens Mr Sherington has made with the older children.

Outside we have been learning and playing playground games "What's the time Mr Wolf? " and "Here we go round the Mulberry Bush".

It was very exciting releasing our 5 butterflies out of the net and setting them free. We watched the lifecycle from when they were caterpillars to butterflies.

Week beginning 19 June 2017

It is very exciting that our caterpillars have turned into cocoons. It is amazing watching them grow and change. We have been looking at them through our magnifying glasses.

Pirate shipIt has been very hot this week so we have been playing with lots of water. We have had the pirate ship out, funnels and measuring jugs in the water tray and even the hose and sprayer. We like running under the spray. It makes a rainbow.

We have had lots of picnics and stories outside in the shade with our friends. Some days we have played in the Early Years garden under the trees.

We enjoyed making patterns with our fingers in the shaving foam. Some of us wrote letters in our name. We were amazing.

Many of us have been playing on 'Top Maths' on the computer. We have counted bears and dragged the mouse to put the correct number of cakes on the bear. We felt very proud when we were able to do this on our own after watching an adult.

Week beginning 12 June 2017

Caterpillar chrysalisWe have been very healthy this week eating all the fruit the hungry caterpillar ate. On Monday we ate apples. On Tuesday we ate pears. On Wednesday we ate plums. On Thursday we ate strawberries. On Friday we ate oranges for our snack time. We enjoyed our fruit. In our classroom we have got live caterpillars and we are learning about how they grow - it is very exciting watching them grow.

We went into Forest School and hunted for bears. They were hiding in the forest and we had to see how many we could find. All these activities help with our counting while we have fun.

We made our Father's Day cards as a surprise for our dads. We made cars for them using squares, circles and rectangles.

Week beginning 5 June 2017

icecream shopWe have changed our role play area into the seaside and ice-cream shop. We had fun wearing bathing costumes and selling ice creams. We liked wearing our sunglasses.

Some children chose to make a car wash outside. We got buckets of water and sponges and lots of bubbles and cleaned all of our cars. It was great fun.

Some of us went to Forest School and played in the mud kitchen. We balanced on the beams and had a swing on the logs. We wore our new 'all in one suits' that PTFA gave us. We looked really cute and our suits meant we could get super muddy...and we did!

Our caterpillars have arrived and we are learning about how they grow.


Week beginning 22 May 2017

We can't believe we have come to the end of term 5 and how grown up we are! We have made new friends and learned many exciting things whilst playing at Nursery. This week we have been learning how to share and take turns in our small group sessions playing picture lotto. Some of us have listened to each other on 'chatty chair', sharing our weekend news and talking about our birthdays.

SunflowersThe weather has been hot and sunny so we danced with our pretty scarves and musical instruments on the stage outside. We also worked together making beautiful sunflowers for our Nursery wall display border around our lovely mark making work.

We had a very exciting day on Wednesday when we went to play with our friends in Early Years.

We had such fun in science trying to melt and work out ways to get our dinosaurs out of the ice. We also had wet sand inside and made super sandcastles with our buckets and spades. Some of us got very excited when we turned our buckets upside down and saw our sandcastles!

We wish you all a very happy holiday.

Week beginning 15 May 2017

Our book of the week is Spinderella, by Julia Donaldson.

Georgia says she has enjoyed painting on the easel. She painted black, yellow and red. Diana said "I liked playing hide and seek with my friend Lewis". Myles said he joined in and Riled said he liked playing with the Tap, tap hammer game.

Cloud pictures"When we go outside my favourite is the cars" said Myles and Georgia. While we were outside, we looked at clouds to see their patterns and different colours. They were black, blue, white and grey. We even made our own cloud pictures and have stuck them on our nursery wall.

We counted bubbles from the bubble blower. We clapped our hands to pop each one as we counted them. Jamie said he counted 41!

In our small group sessions we read Three Billy Goads Gruff and joined in the repetition "Trip, trap, trip, trap". We played picture lotto to help us share and take turns.

Week beginning 8 May 2017

Muddy walk-smOur book of the week is Watch out for Muddy Puddles, by Ben Faulks.

This week we have been getting very wet! We have raised lots of pennies for Save the Children by supporting Peppa Pig's Muddy Puddle walk. We jumped in puddles and made footprints with our wellies. We also decorated pink cakes and Mrs Bell squirted us with the hose. We had a fun time and raised money for other children along the way.

We were very excited about our new toys and have had fun with our Tap, tap and pegboard games. This has helped us with our maths and fine motor skills.

We have been learning about transport and different types of vehicles. On Friday, Megan's daddy brought his motorbike for us to see. It was very noisy - and it was amazing!

Peppa Pig display


Week beginning 2 May 2017

Welcome back after our May Day holiday weekend.

We would like to say a big thank you to Banbury Town Council. One of their park rangers, Ian, came to help us plant sunflowers in Nursery. We learned how to look after our sunflowers. They need water and sun, and Ian said we need to talk or sing to our plants as well.

We have got some new doll houses and some Sylvanian Families. We are learning to share these with our friends.

We would also like thank Mr Pearson for donating some of his children's toys to us. Our favourite is the bouncy rabbit!

At carpet time we have been learning to recognise and write numbers on the white board and looking for numbers in the environment.

Week beginning 24 April 2017

dinosuarStory of the week: Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs

We hope you all had a good Easter. Welcome back, and a very special welcome to our new starters. We have been busy already, painting our dinosaurs to put in our quiet room where we read our books. The room is looking fantastic.

dinosaur playWe have changed our role play area into Thomas land. It is red and blue. Sometimes we do writing there and build puzzles.

We have made models with duplo interstar and bricks. The towers were very tall...nearly as tall as we are!

We have had stories and looked at books about dinosaurs together. We enjoyed the illustrations and talked about what dinosaurs ate and that they lived a long, long time ago.

We enjoyed playing outside with bikes, scotters and prams. We really giggle when we chase each other and play hide & seek.

Week beginning 3 April 2017

What an exciting week we have had.

We have made Easter rabbit cards. We made the rabbit ears by painting our feet; it tickled! We painted hard boiled eggs and rolled them down the hill to have a race. It was fun going into Forest School to find Easter egg pictures hidden in the forest. We even found a bear!

On Friday we took part in the Easter bonnet parade with Key Stage 1 in the hall. We made our hats at home, then showed them to the other children and parents.

lambOn Thursday we went to visit Broughton Grounds Farm and met Farmer James. He showed us lots of animals. We fed some baby goats and lambs with bottles of milk. It was very exciting travelling on the bus to the farm.

We wish you all a restful Easter break and look forward to seeing you all in Term 5.

Week beginning 27 March 2017

We have some frog spawn in our classroom. We got really excited watching it in the tank and had a story about the life cycle of the frog.

Fishing for number ducksHaving our water tray out in the classroom was fun. We hooked ducks and they each had a different number on the bottom. This helped us with our number recognition.

We have been learning about shapes in the environment, eg rectangle windows, circle clocks.

We had our feet painted which was funny and tickled! We used our painted feet to make special footprint cards.

We would like to say a big thank you to Megan's grandparents for taking the time to collect our gardening resources and seeds. Watch this space for the photos we will be sharing.

We would also like to say goodbye and good luck to Helen who has been coming as a volunteer every Friday since nursery opened. We will all miss her very much and wish her luck in her new adventures.

Week beginning 20 March 2017

Our book of the week was Superworm by Julia Donaldson.

We have enjoyed drawing around stencils of animals. It was a bit tricky.

We had green playdough and made cakes. We counted the candles to help us with our numbers.

It was very noisy and fun when we had our musical instruments outside (and inside). We sang nursery rhymes while we played. We are learning the names of the instruments.

In the tuffspot we had fun with glupe (cornflour) and made patterns in the blue glupe.

We had our Mother's Day assembly for our mummies. We were amazing! We gave them a picture, card and presents.

On Friday it was Red Nose Day and we raised lots of money for charity. The whole school took part. We are a super team!

Week beginning 13 March 2017

On Monday we planted cress in pots and watered it to help it grow. It will be fun to see what happens.

We have been threading with pipe clearners through egg boxes to help our fine motor skills and putting Cheerios on spaghetti. We were good at counting how many we had on each pice of spaghetti. We enjoyed doing this with our friends.

In music we have been learning out Mother's Day song to sing in assembly to our mums next week. We have been practising with Early Years in the hall.

Some of us have enjoyed making towers from our coloured wooded blocks. They are different shapes and some us found triangles and squares.

Music area

The weather has been beautiful and sunny so we have played outside in our new music area. Mr Humphris our caretaker very kindly put up all of our recycled instruments. This will be great fun on our stage area in the garden.

Week beginning 6 March 2017

Sand playIn our indoor sand tray we have been pouring and filling our jugs and containers with sparkly porridge oats. We even put our toy animals in.

With our junk modelling we have made a superhero town out of boxes. Even Peppa Pig had a play in the town! We talked about the sizes of our boxes, small and large.

The weather was beautiful on Thursday and we all went to play in Forest School We had fun hiding in the dens, swinging on the swings and balancing on the planks and tyres outside in our garden. We used various tools to find buried treasure. This helped us with our counting.

We have enjoyed playing our musical instruments outside in the stage area. We are learning some new nursery rhymes and actions.

Week beginning 27 February 2017

Our book of the week is Superworm, by Julia Donaldson.

Heroes Area NurseryWe are learning about superheroes and have changed our role play area to be superheroes. We dress up in capes and pretend to be Batman, Superman and Spiderman.

We have been taking turns on Chatty Chair telling each other our weekend news. This helps us to learn to listen to each other.

On Shrove Tuesday, we tossed pancakes and squeezed lemon and sugar on them and ate them for snack. It made us giggle tossing them so high! We listened to the story Mr Wolf's Pancake. We talked about the pancakes being a circle shape.

WBD doorWe had fun coming to school in our pyjamas for World Book Day on Thursday. We swapped books with the Early Years children and made bookmarks to take home.

Now the weather is getting warmer, some children have noticed that our daffodils and the crocuses we planted in September have grown.

Thank you to all our parents who joined us for our first "Stay and Play" session this week.

Diana drawing
Diana has done some lovely drawing this week.

Week beginning 6 February 2017

Our stories of the week were The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza and Big Bear, Big Wide World.

This week some of us have had such fun in Forest School. It was muddy but we had lots of giggles sliding down the muddy banks, balancing on the planks and tyres and even swinging on the rope swing. We practised our numbers while we were playing hide and seek. We nearly didn't find Mrs Grant!

We took our musical instruments onto the stage area in the garden and did a show to Mrs Grant and some of our friends.

We borrowed some doll houses from Early Years and enjoyed playing with them.

The sand inside was very popular this week. We learned to share, take turns and fill different size containers and make sandcastles. Some of us loved sweeping up with a dustpan and brush. Mrs Bell said we were very helpful.

Week beginning 30 January 2017

Our story of the week is Little Penguin Learns to Swim.

Nursery Rooster picture-trans-smWe have been learning lots of new nursery rhymes, like

  •  Hickory Dickory Dock
  • Incey Wincey Spider
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Pat a cake, pat a cake
  • Old McDonald had a farm
  • Little Miss Muffet

We have been waddling like penguins and have looked at pictures of penguins and how they move. We looked at different animal footprints and made a rooster collage to celebrate Chinese New Year. We tasted noodles and practised Chinese writing. It was tricky.

Some us us have enjoyed doing puzzles and looking at books. We have got lots of lovely new books that someone kindly donated.

We made our own fruit salad as we have been learning about healthy food. We chopped the fruit ourselves and our favourite was apples.

PenguinsWeek beginning 23 January 2017

We have been playing sound lotto and have been super at taking turns. We had to remember where our animal pictures were.

We are still learning our days of the week song and numbers. We count claps, jumps and stamping our feet to support counting. It is great fun.

We have been looking at animals that live in the snow and ice and playing with ice in the classroom. We have talked about hot and cold and even tasted ice cream at snack time. The ice cream was very cold.

We ave put our penguin paintings on the wall in nursery. We have learned that penguins are black and white. We made ice foam for the penguins with shaving foam and colouring. We mixed the colours. It was exciting watching the colours mix together.

Week beginning 16 January 2017

We have all settled well into Nursery after the Christmas holidays and made some new friends. We have played outside as the weather hasn't been too cold. We have made mud pies in our mud kitchen, found the dinosaurs in the sandpit and chased and counted all the bubbles from the bubble wand. Our favourite things outside at the moment are the bikes, scooters and prams.

Mrs Bell showed us how to build an ice palace out of mega blocks. We chose blue and white blocks to make the palace. We had fun doing patterns on our aquamats. We have water pens and made rainbow patterns, shapes and numbers.

We played animal lotto with Mrs Grant and had to remember where our animals were to cover our boards. We also had to take it in turns and were amazing. We learned about animals that live in the snow like polar bears and penguins. Next week we hope to make some of these to put in our ice palace.

Animal paintings

On Friday we went on a snowy walk. We found our footprints in the snow and made little snowballs. It was great fun and we were very excited! Afterwards we had hot chocolate to drink. It was a super end to our week at Nursery.

Week beginning 9 January 2017

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you had a restful holiday and would like to say thank you for our lovely Christmas gifts.

We welcome to nursery our new children, who are beginning to settle into their new learning environment well. We have played circle games to help us learn each other's names. We have been taking turns on our chatty chair telling each other our Christmas holiday news.

Because it has gotten colder, some children have taken an interest in frost and ice. We have been painting ice blocks and watching them change colour.

Ice Palace

We have changed our role play area into an ice palace and enjoy dressing up as princes and princesses and building ice palaces with our megablocks.

We had great fun with Mrs Abraham who comes to volunteer each Friday morning. She helped us plant our Christmas tree in the nursery garden

Week beginning 12 December 2016

Wow, we have had a busy week and lots of fun. We have done Christmas activities, making number paper chains, Christmas tree sponge painting, making reindeer food and writing letters to Santa.

Glitter Names

We have changed our role play area into an ice palace and it looks beautiful! We have had fun painting it silver, grey and blue. We have even got an igloo.

We had our Christmas dinner in the canteen with the Early Years children. On Thursday we had our Christmas party in Nursery with our friends. We played lots of party games, pass the parcel, musical bumps and statues and we were super at dancing. By home time, we were tired but had a wonderful time.

Happy Christmas, everyone.

Christmas treeWeek beginning 5 December 2016

It has been a very busy week. Mrs Bell and Mrs Grant are very proud of us as we walked down to St Mary's Church for our whole school carol concert. We sang our snowman song and were super doing our actions.

We did the performances of the nativity which we performed to the whole school and then to our parents and family. We did 'whoops a daisy angel' with EYU. We were all snowflakes and remembered all of our words and actions to the songs.

We still had time to play outside on our bikes and cars in between all the shows. We made pies in the mud kitchen and some of us enjoyed climbing on the hay bales. It was fun jumping off!

Christmas hats

Week beginning 28 November 2016

Our book of the week has been advent storytelling.

We have enjoyed playing board games with Mrs Bell and Mrs Grant. We have learned to take turns and be patient.

We have been on the stage practising for our nativity next week. We are super at singing and doing all the actions.

It was fun chalking inside and out and drawing circles and lines. In our writing books we have been practising to do patterns and recognise our name.

Thank You card to FiremenWe walked to the Post Office and posted the Christmas cards we have made for our mums and dads. We had our photos taken posting letters.

In the water tray, we are learning to 'float' and 'sink' different things like wood, sponges and shells.

We made a thank you card for the firemen, which made them very happy.

Week beginning 21 November 2016

This has been a busy week and we had lots of visitors who came to visit our Nursery and Early Years at our Open Morning.

We have continued developing our reading room and have made it into a gingerbread house. We made candy sticks and gingerbread men to hang on the Christmas tree in the house and sweets to put on the house wall. It looks very pretty! We sit in the gingerbread house and look at our books.

Gingerbread house

We have played board games with adults - matching games and number games. We are super at taking turns and waiting patiently.

We mixed shaving foam in sand to feel different textures. It felt cold and sticky.

Outside was fun as we made our own car wash. We had soapy water, buckets and sponges to clean our cars.

Week beginning 14 November 2016

We have had a very exciting week. We had our first trip out on Wednesday when we walked to the fire station. The nursery children would like to thank Helen, Mrs Byrne, Abdullah and Charlotte's mummy who helped to look after us. We took lots of photos of our visit which we are going to display in our classroom. Thank you to the fire station for having us. It was amazing.

We came to school dressed up for Children in Need and had fun visiting the other classrooms to do activities. The children iced gingerbread men and added smarties and sprinkles and they looked very pretty.

We practised with scissors and Mrs Bell and Mrs Grant helped us. We cut birthday cards and toys from books. Some of us have been putting our coats and shoes on independently. We are very proud of ourselves!

Week beginning 7 November 2016

Forest School DenWe have been listening to the story The Gingerbread Man. We made a story map so we could learn the actions.

We made firework pictures with crayons and pastel oil colours. They were very pretty. We talked about all of the fireworks we had seen and the noises they made.

Our parents and carers came to see all of our work in our Busy Books when they came to Parents Evening. They also saw all of our amazing work on display in Nursery. We have been so busy.

We played hide and seek in Forest School. We had to make sure we wore our coats, hats and gloves as it is now much colder. We visited our new Forest School Den and it is fantastic! We can't wait to go in it again soon.

Week beginning 31 October 2016

Our book of the week is the traditional tale The Gingerbread Man.

Fireworks display boardOn Monday we made pumpkins from paper. We threaded the paper onto pipe cleaners and then hung them up. They looked very pretty.

We painted stones white for the outdoor classroom and then decorated them ourselves. We played in the outdoor forest and found shapes in the environment.

We had such fun outside making 'splatter painting' firework pictures. They sparkle in the sunshine. We had to be very careful with our brushes.

We had black sparkly playdough and rolling pins and used plastic knives to cut the dough into shapes. This helps to strengthen our fingers ready for writing.

Week beginning 10 October 2016

Our book of the week is My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh, by Nick Sharratt.

This week we had a party in our role play area. Spiderman, a princess and an oompa loompa came. We wrote invitations to our friends. This was the children's idea.

We sang our song "I'm a little scarecrow" to our mums and dads in the Harvest Festival. We were amazing. Mrs Bell and Mrs Grant were very proud of us, as it was our first performance in the hall with lots of other children.

Our outside area now has some lovely wooden numbers 1-20. We have hung them on our fence to help us learn our numbers. They will help us learn to recognise and sort, and we would like to say a big thank you to Mr Grant for making them for us.

Week beginning 3 October 2016

This week's story was Where's my Teddy, by Jez Alborough.

CrownsWe made crowns in Forest School after we collected leaves, feather and flowers to make them look pretty.

We took a walk around the school to listen to environmental sounds. We went to visit the hall, reception, the other classrooms and toilets. We heard lots of different sounds.

The weather has been beautiful so we have had our snacks outside. It was fun having our picnics on the grass.

We have painted dinosaur footprints with stampers and enjoyed dinosaur stories. Our favourite dinosaur story was Dinosaur Roar by Paul and Henrietta Stickland.

Week beginning 26 September 2016

On Tuesday we had our first visit to the Forest School. We talked about how to keep safe in the forest and then we explored.  We found a great big muddy hill to climb and also a hidden den. We enjoyed using the wheelbarrows to move around the straw. Please take a look at our pictures in our cloakroom.

Forest School banner

We have been learning the story Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. We have learned lots of actions and have used the story sack to help us remember it.

To help us with our counting we have blown bubbles and counted them as we popped them.

We have enjoyed making hedgehogs out of pastry and we cut up straws for the spikes.

We have also been looking at our baby photos and have put them next to our portraits.

Week beginning 19 September 2016

Our book of the week is My Friend Bear, by Jez Alborough.

We have enjoyed playing with our new friends at nursery. We now sit on the carpet at register time which helps us to listen and learn each other's names. We are learning a special song each day called 'Days of the Week'. We have a class calendar which helps us learn our numbers and the date. We are brilliant singing our number songs.

PortraitWe have painted our portraits which are hanging on the wall. We looked at ourselves in a mirror to see what colour our eyes and hair are.

We have been learning to share all of the nursery toys. We have a reward peg chart on the wall with our names on and if we do super work or behave well (like sharing and being polite) we have our peg moved up to 'Good day' or 'Superstar'!

The school photographer came to take our photos. We all smiled. We have had a busy week!

Roald Dahl DayWeek beginning 12 September 2016

We are all beginning to settle into nursery. On Tuesday it was Roald Dahl day and we all had fun dressing up. We listened to the story The Enormous Crocodile. We walked up to the hall and showed the rest of the school our fantastic outfits. We had our photos taken wearing them. We had a green crocodile gloop swamp in our classroom. We got messy but it was fun.

reading room poster-smOur quiet area has changed ready for our new bookcase to arrive. We painted bears and characters from the story Peace at Last to put on the wall. The fairy lights make it look very pretty.

We have drawn around shapes to find out what we know, circles, squared, rectangles and triangles.

We have made lots of new friends.



Week beginning 5 September 2016

paintings 13-19-16-sm


We have all settled into our first week at nursery. We have enjoyed painting a picture for the wall and making a house for our reading area. It is really cosy.

Home cornerWe have played in the home corner and made lots of new friends. It is fun at nursery!

We loved it on the scooters and tractors outside and digging in the sand. We made lunch in our new mud kitchen in the garden. Some of us tipped water down our water wall and caught it in little buckets. We needed our wellies on!

We are looking forward to having a rest at the weekend as our fun learning at nursery has made us tired.
mud kitchen
Our mud kitchen!