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  • E-Safety Workshop March 16 2

Parent Workshops

As part of our drive to keep parents as informed as possible about their child's education, we will be running a series of workshops through the next three terms. Please attend our workshops if you are able to as we have had very positive feedback about the ones we have run so far.  The resources for each workshop will be published on this page for you to view and use at home.

Maths Parent Workshop
21 November 2016:
A workshop to explain how maths is taught at Harriers, why the children are no longer set in ability groups, how textbooks are now used in class, how the part-whole model works, calculations and how the bar model works. An introduction to Inspire Maths and how parents can help their children with their maths.

Maths Parent Workshop Presentation to Parents

E-Safety Workshop
1st March 2016: We held an E-Safety briefing about how to keep your child safe online.  The parents who attended found it to be eye-opening and very informative. The documents below contain many useful facts, suggested ways to talk to your child about E-Safety and recommended websites for further information about internet safety.

E-Safety Presentation
to Parents
Parents Factsheet Parents Conversation
Supporting Young
People Online

Phonics Workshop
2nd March 2016: Our Phonics workshop provided help for parents to understand how we teach our pupils how to read and how to become confident readers.

Phonics Workshop Presentation to Parents                  Letter and Sounds     

WATCH our Phonics Workshop for KS1 Parents videos here

Footsteps Workshop
June 2016: A pedestrian safety workshop, for parents and their children, took place out and about on the streets around the school. Aimed at helping children to learn to think for themselves and gradually get better at dealing with roads and traffic, the course taught them how to decide what they have to do to keep safe in various traffic situations. As one of the most important things a child needs to learn, an awareness of pedestrian safety could one day save their life.

Footsteps Presentation to Parents          Footsteps: A Parent's Guide 

Phonics and Handwriting Workshop
January 2016: An introduction to 'What is phonics?'   A workshop to help for parents to understand how we teach our pupils how to read and write and how they become confident readers.

Phonics Workshop Presentation to Parents

Cursive Handwriting: A useful website for starting to join letters.