Term 1

Our children always amaze us with the number of activities that they take part in, at school but also outside of school as well. This page is to celebrate their achievements, whether in clubs, sports or the community. 

Please email office@harriers-aspirations.org, with a short description and photo, if you would like to share your child/ren's successes with us.

Cross Country
Soloman won the KS1 cross country across Banbury schools. Very well done!

Cross Country certificates
The children proudly showing off their Cross Country certificates.


Year 6 Award Winners
Year 6 Trophy winners

Some of our lovely Year 6 pupils from the last academic year receiving their trophies at the end of last term.

Year 6 Trophy winners

Staff Aspirations Awards
Congratulations to Miss Patel, Mrs Goulding and Mrs Hawkins for winning an Aspirations Award for all their hard work, dedication and excellence in their roles.

Staff Aspirations award winners

Staff Aspirations award winner