Term 2

Our children always amaze us with the number of activities that they take part in, at school but also outside of school as well. This page is to celebrate their achievements, whether in clubs, sports or the community. 

Please email office@harriers-aspirations.org, with a short description and photo, if you would like to share your child/ren's successes with us.

Swimming Certificates
Learn to Swim certificates
Great swimming from Chloe and Isobel who have received their 10 and 5 metres certificates and badges from Swim England.

Horse Riding Medal
Rhianna with her horse riding medal
Huge congratulations to Rhianna for winning a medal 
for her horseriding.
JADO Green Stripe Belt
Amelie with her Green Belt
Amelie is very proud of her Green Stripe Belt
awarded by her JADO club. Brilliant!  
Kickboxing Belt
Tyler with his kickboxing belt
Very well done to Tyler for achieving his Kickboxing belt.