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PTFA Wish List

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We want to say THANK YOU to everyone for supporting the PTFA!

Over the year we have raised lots of money!  We’ve also spent some, although not everyone gets to hear about the things we buy.

Over the last two years we have definitely raised more than we have spent. With a new committee learning the ropes, and introducing new events, we haven’t had the opportunity to plan how we will use the money.
We now have a well-established (GREAT) team so we have been on a spending spree!!!

Wish List

Recently we asked the school what they would like from the PTFA. The school put together a wish list and I am pleased to say it’s now COMPLETED! The children asked for new books, games and even bean bags. We have purchased some wonderful resources with the funds raised.

Wish List

We will continue raising money alongside school for bigger projects and look forward to sharing the details with you all soon. We will also be launching our own PTFA website soon so we can keep you all up to date with what we’re up to.
Look forward to seeing you at an event soon and thanks again for all your support! We couldn’t do it without you!!

Wish List

Not all items are shown in the photos.