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  • Fantastic Football Coaching

    Fantastic Football Coaching
    15th March 2019

    Toucans were lucky enough to have a fantastic coaching session with Banbury Irish Football club. Great fun was had by all and some important lessons about teamwork were learnt. A huge thank you to the brilliant coaches, even the rain didn’t dampen the fun! Read more

  • Animal Adventure

    Animal Adventure
    15th March 2019

    Robins, Wrens and Ducklings had an exciting afternoon on an "animal adventure" with our visit from Zoolab. We met lots of different animals and found out so many facts all about them, we even got to touch and hold some of the animals! Read more

  • Year 4 launch rockets

    Year 4 launch rockets
    15th March 2019

    Year 4 had so much fun making rockets and then launching them! Thank you so much to the AMAZING Space Studio Banbury students who came and led the session. They were so knowledgeable and worked so well with our Year 4 children. Read more

  • Erupting Volcanoes

    Erupting Volcanoes
    13th March 2019

    Year 3 have continued their work on volcanoes by making their own working models and having a fantastic time erupting their volcanoes. The children really enjoyed seeing which mixtures made the biggest reaction. Thank you to all those who brought in a volcano - there were some masterpieces and a lot of fun (and great learning) was had! Read more

  • Amazing Science Week and Fair

    Amazing Science Week and Fair
    11th March 2019

    We have been celebrating Science Week with children experimenting and investigating scientific concepts. We also hosted a fantastic Science Fair, with guest judges from local schools and the science profession. The enthusiasm of the pupils and staff was infectious and it was clear how much fun they had all had investigating their science experiments... from exploding pop bottles to bouncing eggs! Read more