Term 6

Our children always amaze us with the number of activities that they take part in, at school but also outside of school as well. This page is to celebrate their achievements, whether in clubs, sports or the community. Please email office@harriers-aspirations.org, with a short description and photo, if you would like to share your child/ren's successes with us.

  JADO Winners
JDO certificates
Amelie and Daniel were very proud to achieve their belts and certificates from World JADO. Well done to both of you!
  Karate Red Belt
Karate belt
Congratulations to Phoebe for achieving her red belt in Karate.
National Champion for Baton
Baton Twirling Champion
Amazing Anya! What a wonderful achievement
to be National Champion!
  500 Words Competition Finalist
500 Words competition winner
Amelia has reached the final in the 500 Words Competition.
Super work and a real talent!
Cheering Technique
Cheering medal
Isobel is very proud of her Bronze medal
in Cheering Technique from the
International Dance Teachers' association.