We are very pleased that our academy’s enrolment figure is so positive and we are full in many year groups now. Children who attend our Nursery must apply for a place in the Reception class via the Local Authority, in line with the published policy. We cannot guarantee a place in the Reception class so urge you to submit your application on time and always state the three schools you would like your child to attend in order of preference. If you do not receive a place in the Reception class, you have the right to appeal by completing the forms sent to you from the Local Authority.

Parents of children born between 01/09/2017 and 31/08/2018 must make an application for their child to start in Reception in September 2022 even if they attend the Nursery.

The CLOSING DATE for on-time Primary School applications is 15th JANUARY 2022 and the Offer date for on-time applications is 19th April 2022.

Parents can apply online or contact the OCC School admissions team on 0345 241 2487 for a paper application form.  The online booklet ‘Starting School’ is also available on the County Website.

Remember to apply by 15th January 2022 at:

For late applications see the ‘Starting School’ booklet.

For the timetable of admissions appeals see: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/schools/apply-school-place/appealing-school-place/admissions-appeal-timetable (2022 dates will be published by OCC soon)

The table below sets out the dates when children CAN and MUST start school.

Children born between…Can Start School…Must Start School…
1 September 2017 and 31 December 2017 September 2022 (part-time or full-time)*January 2023 (full-time)
1 January 2018 and 31 March 2018 September 2022 (part-time or full-time)* or January 2023 (part-time or full-time)* April 2023 (full-time)
1 April 2018 and 31 August 2018 September 2022 (part-time or full-time)* or January 2023 (part-time or full-time)* or April 2023 (part-time or full-time)*September 2023 (full-time)
This is Year 1. However, if he/she does not start school by April 2023 at the latest, his/her place will be taken away and you must re-apply in June 2023 for a Year 1 place to start in September 2023.

* Parents/carers can request full- or part-time provision in a school until their child reaches statutory school age, but this must be with the agreement of the Headteacher of the school concerned.

Please follow this link for further information about school admissions:  http://schools.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/school-admissions

Please see our Admissions page for further information and our admissions policy.

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