Design Technology at Harriers Banbury Academy

Intent, Implementation and Impact



How things work and the curiosity we show in creating them is paramount in Design and Technology at Harriers Banbury Academy. Pupils are encouraged to work in a collaborative environment where skills in problem solving are acquired through an extensive and robust Design and Technology curriculum. Creative, technical and practical expertise is improved through current knowledge of the technologically advanced world we live in. The intent is for pupils to build and apply knowledge, understanding and skills to design and make products for a wide range of users. Our pupils will learn to evaluate and reflect on their creations effectively and be able to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems, taking into consideration their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

At Harriers Banbury Academy our whole school thread is:

  • Inspires the use of creativity and imagination.
  • Design and make real and purposeful products.
  • The impact of technology on their own lives and their community; how it has changed over time and will change to meet the demands of the future.



Design and Technology is taught throughout the year in all year groups. Skills are repeated in every year group with new skills acquired as the student progresses through the key stages. Under the umbrella of Design and Technology the following subject areas and their skills are implemented such as: Structures, Food and Nutrition (cooking), Textiles, Electrical Systems, Mechanical Systems and Digital Technology.

Each Design and Technology led unit is taken from our scheme of work ‘Kapow’ but it is adapted to ensure it meets the needs of our pupils and their learning. Each year group has between two and four Design and Technology units a year which are selected carefully so that a broad coverage of curriculum skills are taught across year groups. Where applicable, DT is also taught within cross-curriculum learning so that pupils are applying the skills that they have learnt.



The impact on students is that they will be able to enjoy being creative and learn to work in a team, compromising on designs and sharing ideas. Students will have a wide range of materials to choose from when building their outcomes and have the appropriate tools to build them with.

Some of the outcomes of the unit include: junk modelled shapes, textile bookmarks, design of a moving toy, car with moving wheels, working catapult, creating a bridge and creating a recipe.

Pupil voice and digital photographic evidence will be used to evaluate and assess learning within the subject matter of Design and Technology.

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