MFL at Harriers Banbury Academy

Intent, Implementation and Impact



We envision that through learning Modern Foreign Languages, pupils are given the opportunity to explore the relationships between language and identity and the confidence to see themselves as part of a multicultural and respectful world.

We want all pupils at our school to develop a life-long love for learning other languages and feel empowered by the freedom this gives them.

We aim for all pupils at Harriers Banbury Academy to develop language competency that is both broad and deep in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing based on a sound foundation of core grammar, vocabulary and phonics. They should also be able to understand and communicate personal and factual information that goes beyond their immediate needs and interests, developing and justifying points of view in speech and writing, with increased spontaneity, independence and accuracy.


As our Modern Foreign Language at Harriers Banbury Academy, we learn Spanish. This is because we feel that learning Spanish will give our pupils the opportunity to communicate in many parts of the world. Lessons are taught by a native Spanish teacher, taking and adapting the individual teaching units from Language Angels, which is a highly engaging online and interactive teaching tool. We also try to build pupils’ confidence by taking the daily register in Spanish and describing everyday routines and situations, such as the weather, the day of the week and the time.

The Harriers Banbury Academy community is very diverse and we have many pupils from other cultures and countries or who speak a foreign language. This is something we are very proud of and celebrate as much as we can through special days, such as European Day of Languages and encouraging pupils to teach us about their home culture.


At Harriers Banbury Academy, the enthusiasm for learning about different cultures can be felt in the air. You only have to step foot into one of our Spanish lessons to witness the buzz of learning and it is clear to see that our pupils love learning a new language and are empowered by this. To ensure that our curriculum is inclusive and having the right impact, we use formative assessment techniques to assess progress within the classroom and pupil voice surveys to ensure their opinions are heard.

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