A greener future at Harriers

To mark National Tree Week, pupils at Harriers have been busy planting saplings in our wildlife garden, guided by Tila, whose expertise was invaluable.  Every tree planted will help us grow a greener future!

Planting trees at Harriers

Eco projects are very important to us at Harriers. The children participate in regular forest school sessions, enjoy outdoor learning wherever we can, and all worked hard on our raised beds to produce healthy vegetables and wonderful flowers.

Flower and vegetable beds

We are now developing wildflower meadows! They are beautiful and a good way to support our precious bees.

This project will take a bit of time, and lots of children will have the chance to help. We have started preparing the areas. This includes cutting the grass short, so that things we plant have a chance to compete with the existing grasses. Our grounds company, Green Scythe, did a great job helping us to prepare the area so that Mrs Bell and the children could start seeding.

They will have to rake the area before seeding, and again afterwards, to stop the birds stealing all of the seeds! (We don’t mind if they have a few.)

We are all excited to see what flowers and plants start to appear, and hopefully the bees and insects will not be far behind!

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