Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding to help ensure disadvantaged pupils achieve results in line with all students nationally and to close any in-school attainment gap. It is intended to support students to develop values and equip them with the skills and qualities to become happy, confident citizens.

At Harriers Banbury Academy, we are determined to give our children every chance to realise their potential. We have high aspirations for our children and strongly believe that dedication and commitment to learning make the difference between success and failure.

We are required to publish information online about our pupil premium use and its impact.

Funding Allocation
Funding is allocated for any Looked After Child and for each child (Reception-Year 6) registered as eligible for Free School Meals currently or at any point in the last six years. Schools receive £1,320 per child. For 2019-20, Harriers Banbury Academy received £121,440 to enhance and support opportunities for this identified group of children. For 2020-21, our allocation is £130,465 and we currently have 97 eligible pupils.

Barriers to achievement
Our plans and provision for this next academic year are subject to updated government guidance regarding Covid.
Our priority will be to minimise any learning gaps exacerbated during the prolonged absence, and to promote well being, stamina and learning of all pupils.
Our barriers to achievement include attendance, punctuality, pupils being ‘ready to learn’ and having age-appropriate speech and language skills. These barriers can cause pupils to have conceptual gaps in their learning. There are examples of low aspirations, limited access to positive role-models, resources, books, libraries and positive life experiences. We face variable parental engagement, including negative perceptions of education.  Some pupils are in difficult home environments and lack regular routines including home reading, homework and having correct equipment in school.

Having reviewed the impact of our strategy over the past three years, we will continue with approaches which have had clear and tangible impact. These include:

  • High quality teaching with targeted support
  • Pastoral provision
  • Improving reading

We aim for every single one of our disadvantaged children to reach at least national expectations in all areas. As a minimum, we want this group to achieve above the level at which all non-disadvantaged pupils nationally achieve. We also want the attendance of our Pupil Premium funded children to exceed the attendance of all non-disadvantaged pupils nationally.

Please see our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement for further details.

Eligibility for Free School Meals
If you think your child may be eligible for free school meals, even if you don’t want your child to eat school meals, please speak to the Principal, call into the office to collect a claim form or download one here.  Every child who is eligible generates valuable funding to help us deliver the very best possible provision.

The date of the next Pupil Premium strategy review is July 2021.

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