From September 2023


Nursery:  Ducklings   Megan Pamplin (Nursery Lead)

TAs: Cheryl Whitear, Kate Cambray

Reception:  Wrens and Robins  Jon Sherington (Wrens and EYU Leader/ Assistant Principal), Miranda Ross (Robins), Ellie Bannister (Apprentice Teacher)

Early Years TAs: Kate Cambray, Sumiah Ahmed, Sandra Gwynne, Danielle Standen, Nadine Addison


Year 1: Swifts and Swallows   Rachel Thewlis (Swifts & Lower Phase Lead), Greg Owens (Swallows)
TAs: Sarah Buzzard, Penny Melia, Suzanne Lawrence, Angela Grant (Cover Supervisor)

Year 2: Doves and Woodpeckers  Holly Kidman (Woodpeckers), Emma Higley (Doves)
TAs:  Lorna Herbert

Year 3: Kingfishers and Toucans   Lucy Coglan (Kingfishers), Carol Taylor (Class Teacher Nursery and Year 1), Joanna Agate
Year 3 TAs:  Jo Etheridge, Martha Bell (TA/ Forest School Lead & EAL), Lyn Maycock (HLTA)


Year 4: Parrots and Red Kites Edward Gorton (Parrots), Jessica Jenkins (Red Kites)
Year 4 TAs: Becky Quarcoo, Frankie Lester, Kerry Lyons, Kerry Byrne (Cover Supervisor & First Aid Lead)

Year 5: Pelicans and Flamingos  Maxine Roberts (Pelicans), Jodi Roberts/ Matthew Kent (Flamingos)
Year 5 TAs: , Estelle Sabin, Michael Hlousek-Nagle, Marisa Aguado, Danielle Stephens

Year 6: Eagles and Owls  Faye Wayte (Eagles and Assistant Principal), Jodi Roberts (Eagles) Grace Reid (Owls)
Year 6 TAs: Francis Lester, Angela Moulder (Cover Supervisor), Saeko Croft

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum weaves together the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum  and the principles of our Aspirations philosophy: Self worth; Engagement and Sense of Purpose.…

Our Curriculum

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