Nursery:  Ducklings 
Martha Bell (Nursery Leader)
TA: Sumiah Ahmed

Reception:  Wrens and Robins 
Jon Sherington (Wrens and EYU Leader), Miranda Ross (Wrens), Megan Pamplin (Robins)
TAs: Kate Cambray Hayley Jones, Angela Grant, Sarah Buzzard, Suzanne Lawrence

Year 1: Swifts and Swallows   
Nell Butler (Swifts), Carol Taylor (Swallows)
TAs: Linda Howard, Luke Simms

Year 2: Doves and Woodpeckers   
Faye Wayte (Doves and Lower Phase Leader), Grace Gayer (Woodpeckers)
TAs: Jo Etheridge, Kerry Byrne

Year 3: Kingfishers and Toucans   
Rachel Thewlis  (Kingfishers), Lucy Coghlan (Toucans)
TAs: Lyn Maycock, Kerry Lyons

Year 4: Parrots and Red Kites 
Joannie Jones (Parrots), Maxine Roberts (Red Kites)
TAs: Marisa Aguado, Antoinette Stephens

Year 5: Flamingoes and Pelicans 
Jodi Roberts (Flamingoes), Steph Pamplin (Flamingoes and Assistant Principal), John Bee (Pelicans)
TAs: Jennie Sweeney, Holly Kidman

Year 6: Eagles and Owls   
Gavin Connor (Eagles and Upper Phase Leader), Jess Goulding (Owls and Assistant Principal)
TAs: Jennie Sweeney, Estelle Sabin

Martin Woodward, Sally Chester, Lesley Cashmore

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