Harriers Community Cupboard and Library

Updated 29 April 2021: The Harriers Community Cupboard is still available, however all items will now be stored in school. If you require a pack, please request one through the office or your child’s teacher.

We have set up a “community cupboard” for the families of Harriers to use if they need it. It is an anonymous box scheme where food items such as pasta, rice, cans and other long-life foods can be found*. If your family are in need of some food, please come and take what you need from the boxes. If you have a little to spare, please put any food donations in the boxes.

Community cupboard and Library

There will also be a library box for families to come and swap books if they would like to. This box can also take donations of books if you have any you no longer want.

Community cupboard

*Harriers cannot take responsibility for products best-before/sell-by dates or any allergies/dietary requirements.

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