Road Safety Week

During National Road Safety Week, we met with Councillor Reeves and Councillor Mallon to see how they can support our good work to keep everyone safe and to improve traffic and parking around the school.

Mr Pearson and Councillors Reeves and Mallon

We discussed how children can be leaders for road safety by asking grown-ups to keep them safe near roads. Our STARS Team are a brilliant example of this in action!

STARS Team, staff and councillors

All pupils have been learning that children need safe roads, where traffic moves at slow speeds and parking is considerate to other road users and pedestrians. They need safe places to cross roads, safe places to walk and cycle, and clean air to breathe to ensure their journeys are safe and healthy.

Read the full report in the Banbury Guardian.

STARS team

Campaigning during Road Safety Week

Campaigning during Road Safety Week


No need to speed poster

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