Staying Healthy at Harriers

At Harriers, we encourage our pupils and families to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. If your child is bringing in a packed lunch, please try to provide a balanced meal and avoid large chocolate bars, nuts and crisps. Healthy snacks such as fruit are very welcome. Healthy Eating poster

Our Tuck Shop offers a small range of snacks which are nut free, have limited sugar/fat/calories, and may be easily stored. These include items such as pretzels, flavoured milks, crackers, breakfast biscuits, water (also freely available in school), and raisins.

We discuss healthy eating in our curriculum and will be looking into offering a session for parents who might welcome additional ideas and suggestions.

Please remember we are a NUT FREE school and must be careful to ensure children with dietary sensitivities are not accidentally exposed to allergens. See the poster below for more information on 14 of the most common allergens.

Allergen awareness poster

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